Hi, Here is the information about AERA proposals for 2010. Please note important changes.

It is pasted below and included as an attached file.
The 2010 AERA conference has some new changes in the proposal process. Here is the information about the proposal process in list format for easy reference:

Deadline for Proposals: July 15, 2009

Proposal Review Panel: Each SIG must select a core of experienced individuals in the field as members of the Review Panel. Member numbers are determined by the number of proposals typically received by the SIG. Each proposal must have a minimum of three (3) reviews. To facilitate this process, the S-STEP SIG must have at least 25 members in the panel. AERA is expecting each Review Panel member to review at least 10 proposals. The names of the members of the Review Panel will be published in the Educational Researcher prior to the conference, and will be acknowledged by AERA in the program as well.

If you are an experienced self-study researcher, you are strongly encouraged to nominate yourself to this Proposal Review Panel. If there are not enough self-nominated SIG members available for the Panel, the Program Chair will nominate members as well.

Proposals will go out to reviewers in late July and will be due back to AERA by late August.

Allocation of Sessions: The 2010 conference will reduce the number of sessions from 1400 to 1000. However, the number of papers/presentations that have historically been selected for a SIG will be maintained. The Program Chair will be responsible for coordinating the number of papers within fewer slots.

Symposia and traditional paper sessions will continue.

Roundtables will be reinstated, but will include four-five papers with a chair/discussant, and will be 90 minutes in length

Poster sessions will be upgraded to paper level. There will be two types of poster sessions: the traditional poster session, and a small group poster session involving ~6 posters, chairs for seating, and a chair/discussant. AERA will write letters to universities of authors who have been assigned a poster session to explain the paper quality level of poster presentations.

Presentation Choice: When you submit your proposal, it will be critically important for you to designate the type of paper presentation you desire. You will have the option to choose 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for the type of presentation you are willing to provide. You are strongly encouraged to choose at least three options for your presentation. In 2010, the program chair will only be able to place authors within presentation types that have been designated by the author.

AERA will also be sending information about these changes as well.

We look forward to receiving your proposals and to another great AERA conference in 2010 in Denver, Colorado!