S-STEP Emerging Scholar Voices

We are always keen to encourage our new self-study members to find ways to build their connection to the group and develop their voice. If you are a graduate student, postdoc, or an early career and non-tenured faculty member then we want to hear from you! As a self-study scholar and member of our learning community, your feedback matters to us. Together we can explore new ways to connect to, engage with, and most of all support S-STEPs emerging scholars.

To get started, please post your suggestions and what you believe would be most useful to you in your self-study scholarship endeavors.

For example, perhaps you are interested in participating in a writing group, locating resources to learn more about a particular research topic, finding a journal that is a good fit for your work, publishing a book, submitting a conference proposal, or connecting with other members studying your research topic. Learning about your needs will assist us as a community to work together to discuss ways to support you.

(Click EDIT on the top right hand corner of this page and then start typing!). If you cannot see an EDIT tag then you may not be a member of the wiki. You can join by emailing Mandi Berry at amanda.berry@education.monash.edu.au